David Box Dan Miller
Rob Braver Bill & Margaret Mitchell
Joe Braver Richard Perry
Joe DeGrandis John Powless
Dave Dickenson Joe Russell
Herb Feldman Dick Schmidt
Mark Florman Mike Senich
John Hertzer Kevin Shaw
Jerry Hirst Cliff Skakle
Wayne Hirst Bud Slessinger
Charlie Hoeveler Jerry Thomas
Tom Lucci Ryan Wenger
  Terry Wenger


Tom, Kevin

Thank you for putting on a great event on all counts.  The hospitality of your club should be commended.  They were terrific in all ways.  The heat, the wind, the rain had no effect on the event running smoothly.

As much as I look forward to this weekend of tennis and camaraderie, my wife shares the same enjoyment. She thoroughly enjoys the other spouses and players and hearing their interesting stories. 

Again, thank you for including me; if given the opportunity, I will see you both in London. 

Good luck to you both, and thank you again.

Joe Braver


Hi Rachel,

Thank you again for another well organized Gordon Trophy competition!

It was a pleasure and an honor to represent the USA in another victory.

Thank you also to Tom, Kevin and Kevin for the privilege to be included again in such a prestigious event.  I intend to be a stronger player to be available next year.

Thank you also to Katy for keeping things running so smoothly and doing so with such a lovely and friendly attitude.

I am very grateful to the Cleveland Racquet Club and Troy for generously providing their wonderful facility and the most manicured Har-Tru courts I've ever played on in the US.  It was just fantastic.

It was a pleasure to see everyone again, and I wish all a successful year.

Ray Pascale


Dear Gordon Trophy Team Mates,

Just a note to let you all know that I enjoyed my first experience as a rookie on the United States Gordon Trophy Team.

Great performances by all on our team in our victory over the Canadiens.  It was a fun weekend with a lot of great points, games, sets and matches played plus the camaraderie shown from both sides.

Kudos to Tom Lucci, Kevin Shaw and Kevin Stenich on captaining our team.  Also thanks to the Cleveland Racquet Club membership in accommodating our play at their great facility.  And to Joyce, Rachael and Katy for all their help with organizing the event. 

Thanks are also in order for the entire friendly staff at the CRC.  In particular Director of Tennis Troy Budgen for all his time and energy in making the event a success.

I appreciated the honor to participate in this 63 year old tradition.

Have a great summer.

Hope to see you all next year.

Ron Woods